My name is Alex!
Texan living in North Dakota.

I weld things, fly planes,

and listen to techno.


It’s 8:30 in the morning

And I haven’t gone to bed yet.

Shit. Shit. Shit shit shit.

There goes my decent sleep schedule.

Anonymous asked
One of the saddest and most hil- NO BITCH, the sad thing here is the fact that you're a stripper. If you want respect, maybe you should've graduated high school. 😂😂 when did stripping become a legitimate career?


Awww, you tried so hard, but unfortunately I can’t hear you over the sound of my debt-free college degree and massive disposable income.





My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

always reblog on a wednesday, that’s the rule.

Dammit its Wednesday and I would have been rethinking scrolling past this all day if I didn’t reblog

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